Created in England in 2014, Veganuary encourages people all over the world to eat vegan in January and the rest of the year. According to their website, 400.000 people worldwide “officially” took part in the campaign in 2020. In 2021, brands are going vegan as well!

If the term “vegan” seems related to food for most us, it’s because we often tend to forget that veganism represents more than that. From cosmetics to fashion, all industries have been reducing the animal presence in their products.

In 2019, Barclays published research saying that the value of the global plant-based food and drinks market could increase by more than 1,000%, reaching $140bn in the next ten years.

But if some companies have a long-term commitment, some are just joining the cause. In this article, we will review the latest vegan announcements from corporates.


The well-known sauce brand recently launched a vegan version of its famous mayonnaise as well as beans and burger patties. In total, the Heinz vegan range counts six products so far.

The move comes two years after the mayonnaise giant Hellmann’s launched its own vegan mayonnaise. However, we can only celebrate an additional new alternative to a traditional diet.

vegan food brand heinz


It has now been a few years since Adidas’ first attempted to go vegan through a collaboration with Stella McCartney — well-known for her engagement to the animal cause.

The sportswear brand launched its first vegan shoes in June 2020 and is now ready to go further with an eco-friendly material: biodegradable fungi-based leather. Developed with the biotech company Bolt Threads, it is not clear yet when the shoes will be available.

vegan fashion brand


Magnum has been for some time on the vegan scene. The brand has originally launched vegan versions of their classic and almond ice-creams, but this January a new flavour will surprise non-diary lovers. Magnum will be launching a sea salt caramel flavour for Veganuary — yumm!


Well-known within the chocolate industry, especially among chocolate makers and pastry chefs, Valrhona launched its first vegan product this January. Named Amatika 46%, the product is made out of cocoa from Madagascar. With a roasted almond aroma, there is no doubt about its delicious taste!

By launching Amatika, Valrhona aims to make indulgence available to everyone and even promote that “vegan pastries aren’t just for people on an animal-free diet” but also “flexitarians, people who are intolerant to eggs or dairy, and foodies who are seeking new sensory experiences.”

Pie made by Frédéric Bau out of Valrhona’s vegan chocolate


At the end of 2020, singer Pharrell Williams launched his own skincare brand called Humanrace. If a lot of celebrities such as Rihanna or Kylie Jenner are including vegan ranges in their own skincare brands, most of their products aren’t yet fully vegan due to the use of ingredients such as beeswax.

On the contrary, Pharrell Williams’ brand is fully vegan as well as inclusive. The products are made for anyone, regardless of their demographics. So far Humanrace counts with a skin cleanser made with rice powder, an exfoliator made with lotus enzyme, and a moisturiser.

vegan brands pharrel williams

Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Compatible with all the brand’s existing machines, the new Nescafé dairy-free Flat White coffee pods allow for a delicious coffee experience without guilt. The pods are available in Coconut, Oat and Almond milk alternatives.

brands go vegan nescafe


Going vegan might also be more complicated than expected for brands. In 2018, the high-end cosmetic brand Hourglass announced their commitment in turning their full product range vegan by 2020.

But according to their website, in 2021 only a couple of products have a vegan version. Coronavirus surely made it a difficult goal to achieve. But one can wonder if brands commit to veganism for real or if for the “taps in the back…”

vegan cosmetic brand


This year, Aldi thought about the plant-based lovers in the UK and launched a vegan Valentine’s menu for only £15. The menu will include a starter, main, side, dessert and even a bottle of vegan-friendly prosecco.

In fact, Aldi launched over 20 new vegan products lately as they expect their sales to double during Veganuary 2021. From Thai vegetable red roses filled with curry paste, to “No Beef Bourguignon” pie filled with seitan, or chestnut mushrooms and onions in a red wine sauce — there are options for every taste.

vegan brands
Thai Vegetable Red Roses from Aldi

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