Client: Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen

Project: Capture the Charity Gold Tournament of the Hamburger Goldkehlchen

Worked with: Jan Goudefroy

The assignment

For their charity golf tournament, Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen (DHG) were looking for a photographer to capture the outdoor charity gold event.

The photographer was briefed to take nice shots of the people, the surroundings, and the general happenings on the golf course, as well as the sponsors of the event.

The process

The Hamburger Goldkehlchen collaborated with Cherrydeck to make the process of finding the best talent for the job easier. Through submitting a brief, a job opportunity was opened allowing suitable talent to apply to the assignment in Hamburg.

After the shortlisting and selection process, Jan Goudefroy was the photographer chosen for the job.

jan goudefroy
jan goudefroy

The production

Unlike Jan’s usual shoots, this production did not require much preparation. Jan feels that the less he plans for specific shoots, the more he can immerse himself into the atmosphere of the event.

I think that’s extremely important in reportage. My studio was the golf course and my models were the golfers.

Jan Goudefroy

The duration of the assignment was an entire day — from 7 am to 7 pm. This allowed Jan to capture everything that was happening. Jan had an extremely positive experience on the job and states that he would 100% do it again.

jan goudefroy
jan goudefroy

He credits the job as being very uncomplicated — from the application process with Cherrydeck to the style in which the photos were taken. Being able to dive into the environment presented Jan with an extremely valuable side of reportage photography.

With this job I didn’t know what to expect until the event started and that’s exactly what I love.

Jan Goudefroy

The feedback

Jan received very positive feedback from the client. In addition, guests that attended the golf tournament messaged Jan on Instagram thanking him for the great pictures.

Jan is a freelance photographer, art director, and graphic designer from Hamburg. He focuses mainly on shooting lifestyle and people content, as well as events.

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