Client: Roseway Cashmere

Project: Photograph sweaters for the homepage and e-commerce

Worked with: Joris Haas

The assignment

Roseway Cashmere was keen on producing new images for their homepage and e-commerce.

In addition to capturing the brand, the photographer was required to handle the logistics such as the planning of the shoot and finding a model.

The process

In order to make the search of finding the best talent easier, Roseway Cashmere collaborated with Cherrydeck.

Roseway Cashmere opened a job opportunity where interested photographers could apply with their Cherrydeck profile alongside a short message.

Joris Haas was the photographer chosen to capture the sweaters for the Roseway Cashmere homepage and e-commerce.

The production

The job started with Joris having to find a model that knew how to work in e-commerce. This was extremely important as the model was required to wear a variety of different clothing pieces throughout the day.

Considering it was the client’s first push into e-commerce, they needed my expertise in how to plan and shoot pictures for this field.

Joris Haas

Whilst undergoing the search for the perfect model for the job, Joris placed extreme focus on finding a model that wouldn’t lose her concentration throughout the day.

Once he found the best model for the job, it was time to decide on a hair and makeup artist, book a studio, and plan the lighting setup.

From the initial planning to adding the finishing touches in post-production, the job spanned over a month. However, the actual shoot itself lasted only 6-7 hours.


Joris refers to the application process through Cherrydeck as being extremely easy.

The client and I really clicked and there were no hiccups during the shoot, it was a really pleasant shoot and overall experience.

Joris Haas

Joris has worked nationally and internationally with well-known brands such as Hugo Boss, Breuninger, Marc Cain, and Mercedes – to name a few. The experience he has gained over the course of his career can be seen when looking at the final images produced from the job with Roseway Cashmere.

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