Understanding the existing types of visual content marketing and which ones to use, isn’t always easy. Here’s a sum up of the most important.

Studies have shown that captivating imagery will lead to better engagement and loyalty. Visual and graphic elements are the most important factors in optimising any content strategy. And therefore, it’s important to understand the concept of visual content marketing.

From an emotional appeal to fact driven statistics, your media must support your message. However, so many factors must be thought of when making the decision, it can become overwhelming.

Take a look at the most relevant types of visual content to include into your marketing strategy, in order to bring it to the next level.

1. Stunning Photos

When you incorporate breathtaking and relevant images alongside your body of text, the consumer becomes more inclined to look at your campaign. Due to the fast pace of digitalisation and the adaption of mobile access, the attention span of the typical consumer is now shorter than ever.

It is not only important to include images into your campaign to spike the interest of consumers, but also to add a unique touch. There is a paradigm shift in the field of visual content marketing and people are less interested in ordinary things.

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2. Breathtaking Videography

Videos can be an extremely successful way to present a product or service to the consumer. Through videos, your brand is able to present itself in a different light and speak to different ideas.

Whilst incorporating captivating images into your campaign is a great way to capture the public’s attention, the use of videos allows you to captivate your audience even more. Through video you can build on the idea of storytelling, presenting the solution to a problem, or purely entertain and motivate the consumer.

There may be easier and more cost efficient forms of visual content, however, the emotional appeal that a great video can achieve is priceless.

Especially at times where most content is spread across social media platforms, videos are a great way to share your brand’s values in an entertaining and time efficient way.

A brand video from our partner Polestar

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3. Humorous Memes

Memes and GIFs may seem like an unconventional way of visually communicating with your target audience. However, in recent years it has become a fun way to share jokes and short messages with people worldwide.

Memes are images that are accompanied by short, humorous captions. They are relatively easy to make and share, and are quickly starting to play a big role in content marketing. Many brands such as Gucci, Tinder, and Ruffles have been adapting to this marketing strategy.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are flooded with creative and fun Memes. However, social media is not the only space in which this marketing type is found. Meme marketing can also be found in transportation stations on billboards, or even inside trains and buses.

When using Memes as part of your marketing strategy, it is important to spread good vibes and funny intentions. This is why when you look at a Meme you often only see the hidden, inappropriate meaning after glancing under the surface.

Gucci incorporating a Meme on Instagram in order to raise awareness.

4. Quirky GIFs

GIFs grew to recognition due to their use in text messages and direct messages on social media platforms. Not only they go hand-in-hand with Memes, they are also a great example of presenting a quirky form of visual content.

As we market in an age of increasing competition and a decreasing attention span, GIFs are one of the new go-to’s in visual content marketing. They can be a compelling way to present a product and show the variety of a brand: from fast food chains, to clothing brands, to car companies.

Have you tried showing the features of your car in a short and fun GIF?

Both Memes and GIFs are great for speaking to your consumers’ emotional side. Or a suitable way of engaging in momentary trends, without having to adjust your whole marketing strategy.

These fun strategies are great for adding humour to your blog or social media posts, spreading brand awareness, and appearing more relatable.

5. Storytelling and Compelling Infographics

For any marketeer, storytelling and compelling data are a match made in heaven. The two have the ability of appealing to distinct parts of the brain, engaging the audience in different ways.

Infographics are a great way to simplify complex data. Many consumers and businesses base their purchase decision on data, however not everyone has the time to read long reports and evaluate their findings.

Infographics package important information in ways that make it easier to understand and share. Therefore, they have become the preferred way to present – otherwise dull -information.

It is always a great idea to embed an infographic into your blog article, website, or on social media platforms. It will give the reader a break from reading text.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the appearance of an infographic is just as important as the data that it is presenting. An aesthetically pleasing infographic will help increase brand awareness by a long shot.

Try incorporating infographics to present survey results, your companies timeline, compare different products, or highlight significant statistics.

6. Relevant and Appealing Screenshots

The final category on our list of visual content marketing types is screenshots.

It isn’t always easy to market intangible digital products, so screenshots can help a consumer visualise what you are selling. They are of great advantage when incorporated in social media posts, ads, landing pages, as well as on blogs.

However, just relying on the credibility that a screenshot provides is not enough. If you are incorporating a screenshot into your marketing strategy it is important that the image is still visually appealing. For example, if you are taking a screenshot of an Instagram feed or a landing page, make sure the screenshots include attractive images or layouts.

types of visual content marketing: screenshot of cherrydeck
A screenshot of the Cherrydeck website and member profiles

That’s a wrap! These were the six most relevant types of visual content marketing:

  1. Stunning Photos
  2. Breathtaking Videography
  3. Humorous Memes
  4. Quirky GIFs
  5. Storytelling and Compelling Infographics
  6. Relevant and Appealing Screenshots

Want to read more about visual content marketing to better understand its importance? Take a look at this article we’ve written.

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