Client: Klarheit

Outcome: Custom stock library with more than 729 images and 6 videos

Duration: 37 days

The assignment

Klarheit makes the most beautiful tools for more ‘clarity’ (‘Klarheit’ in German) so that you can work productively and at ease. They needed content for their website, social media, ads, and a new headliner video.

Instead of taking all the production matters into their hands, the brand decided to try Cherrydeck Branded Stock for fast and cost-effective results. This way, Klarheit could source the imagery needed by working with professionals, at scale, in a timely manner.

The process

To initiate the process, the first step was to submit a briefing and brand guidelines. Klarheit stated the brand’s photography style and the look and feel they required for the imagery.

Cherrydeck then opened applications for the assignment on our platform. Ultimately – after going through hundreds of candidates – three photographers were selected for the remote job.

The next thing to do for Klarheit was to send out their range of products to the respective photographers’ addresses, and shortly wait for results!

The results

Consequently, Klarheit received a custom stock library of more than 700 images and multiple options to later compose their brand video. The last step was to select and purchase their favorites!

You can already spot some of the sourced images on Klarheits’ website!

After the first acquisition, both selected and non-selected images remained stored in the brand’s private content marketplace and accessible for one year for further purchases.

Sounds interesting? Create your own custom stock library with your brand’s products. Get started with Cherrydeck Branded Stock today.

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branded stock

Photography by Dimitri Kolonas, Ina Weiss and Jennifer Klüpfel.

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