Today we would like to recognize talented black female photographers on Cherrydeck. Feeling that black photographers are under-acknowledged, with the help of Violeta Sofia we have compiled a list of 8 talented photographers from our community.

Some time ago, Violeta Sofia reached out to the Cherrydeck Team pointing out how she felt black female photographers were still under-recognised. She found beautiful members in our community and suggested that we dedicate a piece to all of these wonderful artists.

So here is a list of some of the most talented black female photographers on Cherrydeck that can not be ignored. From fashion to food photography, take a look at these worth-following black female photographers.

Violeta Sofia

Cameroonian-born, Violeta Sofia is a visual artist best known for her protest conceptual work and fashion photography.

She is influenced by inequality, identity, and consumerism. Violeta has created art for companies such as Harvey Nichols and Top Shop and exhibited her work at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 2018.

Wami Aluko

Wami Aluko is a Nigerian photographer and creative director currently based in London. She aspires to tell stories and showcase the magic in people through her photography. Having grown up in Lagos, Wami celebrates the diversity amongst Nigerians.

Since embarking on her creative journey in 2016, her work has been featured in Vogue Italia, BBC Africa, and Sukeban Magazine.

Ingrid Emaga Mba

Barcelona-based fashion and advertising photographer Ingrid captures the majority of her work on analog cameras. Appreciating the quality that is created by capturing moments on film, she believes that this style of photography helps capture power and beauty.

Cole Ndelu

Award-winning conceptual portrait and fashion photographer Cole is based in Johannesburg. Her work counters the popularized representation of black people and Africa.

Through creating imagery, Cole is able to place black people at the center of her work and celebrate the culture. The photographer notes that she creates from a place of love and unapologetic blackness.

Ine Heronneau

Ine is a British-French photographer that is enthusiastic about food photography. Passionate about capturing food in the best possible way, she applies a variety of different photography techniques.

IShana Serina Davis

Originally from Munich, IShana is a conceptual and fashion photographer based in Berlin. After finishing her commercial art and design and communication design studies in 2017, IShana is now working as a freelance photographer and artist.

With each image she produces, she aims to capture the uniqueness of the situation.

Ayesha Kazim

Ayesha is a freelance photographer who is currently splitting her work between New York City and Cape Town. In her photography, she looks to capture clean and refined portraits that establish a fresh and colorful setting. Having lived in fourteen countries and learning about the different cultures Ayesha draws inspiration from her experiences.

Her work captures intimate moments with the aim of reflecting emotions and confidence.

Onyinye Muobuike

Onyinye is a portrait and fashion photographer. Her work is centered around portraiture, fashion photography, and documentary. She explores the themes of culture, identity, and experiences.

Those were 8 under-represented black female photographers you should know! You may want to check out our article on brands celebrating black history month. To discover more culturally diverse photographers, take a look at the blog post here.

Are you a black female photographer on Cherrydeck? Get in touch! We would love to get to know you!

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