Because brands build and influence the society we live in, Black History Month is not only a chance for businesses to advocate for change but it is also a reminder to educate their employees, customers, and further audiences.

Although honoring the struggles and joy in Black history should not be limited to a single month — each voice and story making up the Black experience is worth hearing no matter the date. Certainly, the ongoing dialogue on racism, inequity, and injustice is necessary and is helping us build a better society.

At Cherrydeck, we have an ongoing commitment to the black creatives in our platform and building a diverse team.

Previously, we have covered 7 Under-Represented Female Black Photographers. Today, we are covering brands celebrating Black History Month and highlighting some more of our outstanding black photographers and models.

Etsy — Beautifully, Boldly Black

Etsy is a known global online marketplace where people sell, buy, and collect unique items. Every year, the curated platform spotlights their black-owned shops and covers stories from black sellers. This time, was no exception.

Have a look, here.

etsy black history month
etsy black stories

Spotify — Black History is Now

Spotify is one of the most famous music, podcast, and video streaming platforms worldwide. This month, the popular streaming platform features songs of black love, empowerment, and pride. Furthermore, Spotify compiled a set of podcast episodes honoring black heroes and stories.

Listen now.

black history month spotify

VSCO — Shaping History

The photo-editing software VSCO celebrates black culture on their ongoing curated Melanin Collection. To kick off this month, the brand reached out to some of their featured black creators to ask them to share a timeless image and open-dialogue questions.

Explore here.

black history month vsco
vsco shaping history

UPS — Lifting up Black Voices and Taking Action

UPS is actively working to support and empower Black communities. Consequently, they are fostering new strategic partnerships, funding impactful organizations, and volunteering in underserved communities.

Read more about it, here.

black history month

Cherrydeck – Uplifting Black Creatives

At Cherrydeck, we are constantly working to build an inclusive platform that gives all creatives an opportunity to work on what they love. We want to take this time to feature some of our outstanding Black creatives. We are thankful to host their talent in our community.

Cole Ndelu

Cole is a photographer and contemporary artist currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her work celebrates blackness and is immersed in the intersection between art, fashion, documentary, and spirituality.

Daron Bandeira

Daron is a Ghanaian-Beninois, fashion and commercial photographer based in Berlin. His photography challenges mainstream notions of normality and culture, with an eye for finding beauty in people.

Elisa Olenski

Elisa is an aspiring model based in The Netherlands.

Jay Sentrosi

Jay is a London-based portrait and fashion photographer and creative director. Additionally, he has a background in acting for commercials, TV, film, and theatre.

Jasmine Greene

Jasmine is a passionate creative and model based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Lex Ash

Lex is a visual artist and fashion and beauty photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is also a musician and NFT artist.

Marvin-Mario Bahome

Marvin-Mario is a fashion model currently based in Munich, Germany. Moreover, he works as a stylist and content creator.

Ayesha Kazim

Ayesha is a freelance photographer working between New York City and Cape Town, South Africa. Her photographic practice involves producing clean, refined portraits that bring a fresh and lively energy to her subjects through colorful, yet coordinated settings and styling.

Alvin Mwaniki

Alvin is a photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He focuses on fashion, conceptual work, and events, and also works as a creative director.

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For educational resources, videos, and news, head over to the Black Lives Matter website. If you are in Hamburg like us, check out the Re:presentations exhibition happening from February 5th-24th. It hosts black creatives, activists, scientists, individuals, and relevant discussions.

Don’t forget to check out our article featuring Photographers with Culturally Diverse Photos! Happy Black History Month!

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